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Tall Girl 2 Griffin Gluck Brown Cardigan

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  • Material: Wool
  • Cuffs: Rib Knitted Cuffs
  • Closure: Front Open Closure
  • Color: Brown

Jack Dunkleman Tall Girl 2 Griffin Gluck Brown Cardigan

Loving this Tall Girl 2 Griffin Gluck Brown Cardigan? Then you’re at the right place. We have brought you the premium replica of this stunning outerwear. It is worn by Griffin Gluck, who plays the role of Jack in the popular Netflix rom-com. He is the best friend of Jodi and becomes her boyfriend by the end of the first film. But as the story continues and Jodi tries to keep up with her newfound popularity and role in the school’s theater play, they struggle to maintain their relationship. To make matters worse, a handsome boy Tommy enters their lives, confusing Jodi and an exciting love triangle begins.

Griffin Gluck creates a stylish aura with this brown cardigan in Tall Girl 2. Jack Dunkleman is one of the movie’s main characters and is getting widely famous among fans due to his fashionable outfits. Inspired by his closet, this sweater is made of wool and gives excellent warmth. The open style front makes it an easy-to-wear and comfortable outerwear. You can wear it to a casual event or pair it up with formal clothing for a chic appearance.


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