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Arrow Season 7 Zoe Ramirez Denim Blue Coat

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  • Material: Denim Fabric
  • Color: Blue
  • Lining: No Lining
  • Collar: Classic Collar
  • Closure: Front Button Closure

Zoe Ramirez Arrow Season 7 Denim Blue Coat

Season seven of the Arrow series

Oliver Queen, known by us as a billionaire playboy who’s back after getting stuck on a remote island and later became a costumed superhero of the Starling City. Till season 7, he is undercover. But as we see in the final episodes of season six, there is a challenge waiting for him to reveal his Green Arrow’s identity to the world. In this season, Oliver has a face-off with some old vengeful criminals from the past, as well as some new enemies with whom a rivalry might cost him his secrecy and losing ties in personal life too.

Little Warrior Zoe

Zoe is Rene and Laura’s daughter in the series and 2040s erased future member of the Canaries. Zoe was into hockey since childhood. She used to practice it with her father. He also trained her hand to hand combat and boxing along with Dinah Drake which led her to be a member of Canaries. In the erased future, she owns the defensive equipment including vigilante suit, Sidearm Gun, batons, and sonic device.

Want to be the epitome of bravery?

Appear brave like Zoe who never feared nearly meeting death when trouble cost her family’s pride. We have imitated an outfit from Zoe’s role in the Arrow series which is the Arrow Season 7 Zoe Ramirez Denim Blue Coat. It’s a genteel blue denim coat, manufactured to bestow you with Zoe’s courageous vibe. With an alluring classic collar and front buttoned closure, this long coat is kept simple and adorable which is perfect for a teenager to carry it with her own quirkiness and explore the world spreading pleasant sensations.


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