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Arrow Felicity Smoak White Wool Coat

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  • Material: Wool blended
  • Inner: soft viscose lining
  • Color: white color
  • Collar: lapel style collar
  • Cuffs: buttoned style cuffs
  • Sleeves: full-length sleeves

Felicity Smoak Arrow Emily Bett Rickards White Wool Coat

Oliver Queen, known by us as a billionaire playboy who’s back after getting stuck on a remote island and later became a costumed superhero of the Starling City. Till season 7, he is undercover. But as we see in the final episodes of season six, there is a challenge waiting for him to reveal his Green Arrow’s identity to the world. In this season, Oliver has a face-off with some old vengeful criminals from the past, as well as some new enemies with whom a rivalry might cost him his secrecy and losing ties in personal life too.

Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak was a computer science expert which led to her founding the Smoak technologies. Felicity and Oliver interacted at the Queen consolidated I.T department where she helped the vigilante, Oliver. She shared Oliver’s secret and pioneered the name of Team Arrow. She was as reckless as his spouse Oliver as a teen but later developed a sense of being responsible and selfless after her ex-boyfriend’s death. Blessed with great intellect, remarkable leadership qualities, tactics of hacking, and investing skills; Felicity is simply the beauty with a brain.

Season 7 happened to be a final season for the actress Emily Bett Rickards who portrayed Felicity, as she left the show playing Oliver’s widow before its final season.

Felicity Smoak’s Elegant White Coat

The ultimate sensation to spend the liveliest winter is here! Arrow Felicity Smoak White Wool Coat is the apparel that must be on the bucket list of fashion freaks. It’s wool blended beautiful white coat that is further made smoother with the addition of soft viscose lining internally. It has full-length sleeves which beautifully cover your arms into snug wool. A lapel-style collar adds an irresistible charisma to your personality, and the buttoned style cuffs & front closure give subtle detail and contrast to this elegant long coat. So, ladies, this one is a must-have for your outs and about this season!


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