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Umbrella Academy Outfit

TV Series The Umbrella Academy Outfits

Looking to revamp your wardrobe? Check out our Umbrella Academy Outfit collection that is designed to fit your fashion needs perfectly. Inspired by the widely popular time travel superhero TV series, this clothing line is one of our finest items yet. It harbors a wide range of apparel picked by our team of professionals from all the seasons of the show. Umbrella Academy is a Netflix original show based on the comic book series of the same name by Gerard Way.

Fashionable Outfits Worn By Star-Studded Cast

Following the genres of action, comedy, drama & science fantasy, this show is also a catalog of alluring attires, now collected in our The Umbrella Academy Outfits. Its cast features various talented and charismatic stars including Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, David Castaneda, Aidan Gallagher, and Justin H. Min. Worn by these famous celebrities, these outfits have effortlessly left a prominent mark on the fashion world whether through the classic academy uniform or casual clothes.

Intriguing Stories throughout the seasons

Apart from the fashionably popular The Umbrella Academy Outfit collection shown in this show, its intriguing story is also a major factor in its notoriety. This show is set in a universe where 43 women around the world give birth simultaneously at noon on October 1, 1989. Seven of the children are adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves and turned into a superhero team that he calls “The Umbrella Academy.” Hargreeves gives the children numbers rather than names until all but one are eventually named by their robot-mother, Grace, as Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Ben, and Vanya.

The first time we are introduced to the one-of-a-kind Umbrella Academy Outfits is in season 1. This season is set in the present day where Luther has been living on the Moon for four years, Allison is a famous actress, Vanya is a violinist, Klaus has a drug addiction, Five disappeared sixteen years earlier, Ben, now deceased, is a ghost able to converse only with Klaus, and Diego has become a vigilante. After learning about the demise of their father Reginald, the seven siblings reunite for his funeral with Five finally returning from the future and revealing a coming global apocalypse. Together they try to uncover the secrets behind Reginald Hargreeves’ life as well as protect the world.

Returning with even more classic The Umbrella Academy Outfits, season 2 premiered in 2020. It picked up the story right after the first season and featured these siblings as they get scattered over a three-year period after their risky escape from Vanya’s apocalypse. Believing themselves to be the only ones who survived, they settle into their own lives. On the other hand, Five finds himself in the middle of a nuclear doomsday connected with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Now he must find a way to reunite with other members of The Umbrella Academy and revert the timeline once again.

In 2022, this incredible series returns once again to the screens of the fans, featuring a whole new lot of The Umbrella Academy outfit collection. Picking up the story where it left off, this season focuses on the Hargreeves siblings as they end up in an alternate universe where Sir Reginald is alive and has adopted super-powered siblings under the name The Sparrow Academy. Present in this parallel universe are siblings named Marcus, Ben, Fei, Sloane, Jayme, and Alphonso played by Justin Cornwell, Justin H. Min, Britne Oldford, Genesis Rodriguez, Cazzie David, and Jake Epstein respectively.

Fan-Favorite Characters & Their Unique Set of Powers

Luther Hargreeves – He is Umbrella Number One also known as Spaceboy. He is the leader of the group and possesses superhuman strength and durability. After facing a near-death injury, he was injected with a serum by Sir Reginald that turned his upper body into an ape-like form, immensely increasing his muscle mass and strength. His iconic jackets and coats are a significant part of our Umbrella Academy Outfit collection.

Diego Hargreeves – Diego is also known as Number Two and Kraken. He possesses a mild telekinetic ability to curve the trajectory of anything, including knives and bullets. He becomes a vigilante after leaving the Umbrella Academy, often wearing his belted jacket which is also included in the Umbrella Academy Outfits at our store.

Allison Hargreeves- Her other name is the Rumor and is the Umbrella Number Three. Possessing the powers of bending reality and controlling minds, she uses the phrase ‘I heard a rumor…” Her eclectic dresses and the Umbrella Academy Outfit have made her one of the likable characters of the show.

Klaus Hargreeves – He is Number Four and also called The Séance. Wearing laid-back and flamboyant Umbrella Academy Outfits, Klaus carries the ability to communicate with the dead and temporarily make them corporeal.

Five Hargreeves- Number Five is also known as The Boy and possesses the ability to jump through space and time. The iconic academy uniform that he dons in most of the episodes is also included in our The Umbrella Academy Outfits collection. After traveling to the future he ended up in a post-apocalyptic world, he survived on his own for decades before being recruited into The Commission, a secretive agency that keeps tabs on the established timeline of the world. He eventually gets back to his time to warn his family of the impending apocalypse that causes his then 58-year-old body to revert to his thirteen-year-old body.

Ben Hargreeves – Ben is known as The Horror and is Number Six of the siblings. He can summon tentacle horrors from his body. After dying in a fight, he becomes a ghost and appears regularly to Klaus and helps him occasionally.

Victor Hargreeves – Known as Umbrella Number Seven and The White Violin, Victor can convert sound waves into physical force. The character is known as Vanya, using she/her pronouns, until he comes out as a transgender man in the third season, corresponding with Page’s own transition.

Recreate The Look of Your Most Adored Hero

Shop Celebs Wear brings all the fans the opportunity to recreate their favorite looks with the Umbrella Academy Outfit available in premium quality. This apparel is created with skilled craftsmanship and authentic design so it can flawlessly emulate the original ensembles donned by the star-studded cast of the series. Available in not one or two but multiple different sizes and customization options, these outfits will be your go-to items for every occasion. Some of the most notable items from the Umbrella Academy Outfits accessible from our store are; Alison Hargreeves Coat, The Umbrella Academy Jacket, and Lila Pitts Denim Jacket.