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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Shop celebs wear includes terms and conditions over which we imply a smooth and quality service to our worldwide customers keeping their personal information safe and sound.

Collection of personal information

Customers are asked for providing their personal information including name, e-mail address, and contact number whenever they enter into the purchase through an online survey by signing up to Shop celebs wear. Customers from the USA may also be asked for providing their Social Security Number (SSN) when needed.

Implementation of personal information

Using your personal information we keep you updated with all of our latest activities such as upcoming events, end of season sale, special occasion’s inlets, new collections etc. This method helps in improving our services towards you, betterment in our advertisement plans, quality of the content and most of all to remain in touch with our precious customers. You can cut it off any time if you find the notifications annoying by simply emailing us.

Secured Information

Shop celebs wear knows how to keep the information of its beloved clients preserved and protected. So that you never face any sort of wastage of money, misuse of information, theft, or scam. We make sure to secure your provided information for the sake of its prevention against unauthorized access, and destruction so as to provide religiously followed safety services.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

For the purpose of collecting personal information we use SSL encryption of the browsers so that you may get facilitated with unhindered safe browsing from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Your personal information remains confidential while its transmission through the search engines.

Keep your information private

Upon coming in contact with Shop celebs wear through purchase, chat, social networking, products reviewing, or by any means; it’s totally your choice if you want to keep your information public or private. Other users are able to read, collect and use your information such as if you are going to post something on the forum, you have to be cautious about that submit icon.

Your personal information remains firm and reserved

We facilitate you to keep your information accurate, absolute and fresh. Your personal information will remain on hold for a time being whenever it is compulsory to fulfill the motives of the privacy policy until and unless a durable retention time period is permitted.

Allowance of access

Log into your account on Shop celebs wear and you are able to handle the accuracy of your information and switch your preferences. You have access to make a request in case of the correction of wrong input of any data. It may be deleted upon your request in case if it is no more beneficial for legitimate business purposes. Requests that are subjected to denial may contain the following:

∙         If the requests are repetitive for no reason

∙         Requests whose fulfillment requires excessive technical work

∙         Without any practical implementation

∙         If access is not desired by local law

You can ask for access, deletion and correction requests as

Information regarding kids 

Info of a kid under thirteen years of age is not collected on purpose. In case if the information is taken, it is removed right after acknowledgment.

Our allegiance to your privacy 

Shop celebs wear confers its privacy policy to the employees especially regarding the security guidelines in order to secure the personal information of its customers so as to keep it within the company premises. If you want to be aware of how our team is indulged into your personal information security, you catch us through emailing at