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How am I supposed to pay for my orders at shopcelebswear?

ShopCelebsWear makes it easy for you to pay via Cash on delivery as well as Visa/mastercard. Buyers can also use payment methods through their PayPal account and via American express.

Am I supposed to pay extra above the mentioned shipping charges?

There are no additional shipping charges other than the mentioned ones, so do not get confused.

What about the money back guarantee? Can I rely on it?

Yes, we provide our customers with a reliable money back guarantee within 30 working days after verification of the queries.

Can I make changes to my order once I have placed it?

Since we dispatch the orders as soon as their confirmation is done so you can make changes to the order within 1 working day after placing it. Contact our customer service forum to make any changes or you can do it through email.

Are there any specific regions where you deliver your products?

ShopCelebsWear is known to ship its products worldwide as it receives orders from all over the world. There are certain regions where we provide free delivery service which are UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

In how many days I get to receive my order?

Apart from weekends, you’ll be able to receive your order within 8 to 12 week days at your doorstep. It is to be noted here that public holidays tend to affect shipping duration. Contact our customer service providers if you do not receive your order on time.

Is there any exchange service available?

Yes, we do exchange the product in its intact form, with all the labels and tags. Exchange is applicable for 7 working days. Return and exchange is accepted only through USPS courier service for USA residents.

Do you offer promo-codes?

There are various promo-code offers which we provide during special times of the year such as end of season sales, special-occasion discounted deals. A certain percentage of amount is deducted from your bill while checking out of the forum, once you add the promo code.

What if I did not receive my order?

Well, ShopCelebsWear makes sure that the product gets to the right customer, but still, if this happens, either your money is returned back to you or another package is sent to you free of cost if you had already paid for the previous one.

How can I track my order?

The details of your order are sent to you via email once it is confirmed, with the tracking code. Also you can track your order by simply visiting our website.

What about return shipment charges?

Return shipment charges are paid by the customers.

How can I approach Shop Celebs Wear for queries?

The ShopCelebsWear team is always there for you to solve your queries. You can contact us through the “Contact us” forum of the website where you’ll find the links.